Your Official TEDx Logo

Our goal was simple: allow you to create your TEDx logo in under 1 minute. Inspired by past open-source logo generators made by some inventive community members, like Anthony Goddard, Brian Alexander, and Yongho Shin, we wanted to create something that could really take some work off your plate. We know there is a lot going on in putting together your independentally organized TED event (this may even be your first time hosting!) But trust us, it's not that difficult. We just launched a new identity for all TEDx events and we want you to be as excited by it as us! It's cleaner, simpler, and harder to mess up. It works with Youth, Salon, and Women events seamlessly and most importantly, saves you time from tinkering in Adobe Illustrator. For now, sit back and focus on the uniqueness of your event, we got this part taken care of. Feel free to let us know how much you like or don't like this site.

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